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If you would like to contact the school to keep us up to date with changes to your child's routines, discuss matters or ask questions, we can be contacted in the following ways:



Staff are available for a quick chat most days both before and after school. If staff have other commitments (such as a club after school) or, if you would like to talk for longer, please contact the school office and a mutually convenient appointment can be made.


We will text you with updates and changes. So that we may keep costs at a reasonable level we will text one family member only therefore it is exceptionally important you notify us of the mobile number you want us to use.


We have a Twitter and a Facebook Account. We will use these to let you know about newsletters and any changes that we know are happening outside of day to day routines and reminders


If you would like to talk to your child’s class teacher, Principal or Vice-Principal please do call the Academy office 01760 337 346. If the member of staff is not available arrangements will be made to return your call as quickly as possible. We will phone you if we need to talk to you or there is an emergency, please ensure that we have your updated details and advise us if the emergency contacts change i.e. a family member away on business etc. The Academy does act as Loco-Parentis in the event of an emergency if we are unable to contact you.


You can sign up to receive newsletters via email. Please use the newsletter page on the website to sign up for this service.

You can email us directly with any questions you may have or if you wish to contact your child’s class teacher. Email addresses for your child’s class teacher are on this page.


The VLE is your child’s link to learning when away from school. They are issued with a username and password that will last them throughout their time with us. As your child develops the VLE will be used as a tool for saving and retrieving school work. They will also learn the etiquette of messaging and social media in a safe environment. E-Safety is a key feature of our work on-line and we teach children about ways to stay safe as well as how to report things that make them feel uncomfortable.

We expect children to share their learning environment with their families. In this way they will know what their child is learning and things that will be happening in their class in the following week. Families who are not living together can also keep up to date with their child’s learning. Children’s Reports will be loaded into your child’s personal files in the near future to form part of our commitment to on-line reporting.



Cherry Tree Academy Marham Infant
Cedar Road
Upper Marham
King’s Lynn
PE33 9LT

(01760) 337217

(01760) 338503


If you would like to email your child's class teacher or the Principal please use the following email addresses:


Michaela Webb - C.E.O & Executive Principal 


Cheryl Sharp - Executive Vice Principal


Sarah Sole - Dragonfly Class Teacher 


Kim Franklin / Row Clarke – Butterfly Class Teachers


Laura Roegele - Caterpillar Class Teacher


Danielle Greenhill - Crickets Class Teacher


Gemma Steward -  Beetle Class Teacher & SENDCo


Lucy Hudson -  Ladybird Class Teacher


Kirsty Foy - Grasshopper Class Teacher