To support our aim to become 'paper light' we request that all forms are completed electronically. All families are issued with a username and password that is specific to your child and, together with your logged email address, acts as your digital signature. Please ensure that you have logged an email address with us as without it your requests and / or authorities will not be processed.


The government are very clear that children do not miss any of their education unnecessarily and any absence during term time should only be authorised under extenuating circumstances. We recognise the importance of upholding the government directive however, we also recognise that the special circumstances in which we operate. We have many families who, owing to operational commitments of the work place, are unable to be together during the academy holidays and indeed they are separated for lengthy periods of time during the year. In light of this we try to offer as much flexibility as possible when considering requests for absences during term time. We do ask that requests for time away from the academy are completed with as much detail as possible so that a swift decision can be made. Once requests have been received they will be processed within a week and the decision forwarded to you. If you have not received a decision within 5 academy days please contact the office.


We love to celebrate the learning and exciting things we do here at Cherry Tree Academy. We enjoy sharing our news with others and can sometimes appear on television, on the website or in the newspaper. We will only use your child's image or name if you give your permission for us to do so. Please complete this form annually either giving or declining your permission for your child's photograph to appear in the public domain when associated with the Academy.


In the interests of your child's safety we do ask that you deliver and collect your child from the school playground. We also know that it is not always possible for you to collect your child and sometimes things happen at short notice. You may choose two additional people to collect your child without giving us prior notification (although we would always prefer this). Please let us know if your child's drop off and collection arrangements alter so we may update our records.


Please complete and submit this form if your child is absent from school for any reason other than a requested absences during term time e.g. illness, doctor's appointment etc.


At Cherry Tree Academy we love to use the fantastic facilities available to us in this beautiful part of Norfolk. We enhance children's learning with regular support from the local community and will often take a trip out and about in our local our area. We regularly walk to Marham Village, surrounding areas including RAF Marham. We ask all parents / carers to sign an annual form giving their authority for children to take part in local visits without the need to send additional authorisation forms for every trip we do. We will always let you know if your child is off site and where they are.

Summer Term After School Clubs

Starting Wednesday 2nd May we are pleased to offer the following activities for the children after school. Please could you discuss with your child their preferences and indicate the activities they are interested in. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis and whilst we will try very hard to give everyone their first choice it cannot be guaranteed. Due to the number of children we currently have in school there may not be on this occasion enough places for every child. We will let you know about which club your child has been offered by Friday 27th April via email. Participation in clubs is entirely voluntary however to build up a good ethos and commitment to the clubs we would ask that children sign up for the term. In the interests of safety, if a child is going to be absent from a club we would ask parents to contact the teacher running the club or advise the office. Clubs will be changed each term.